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Julio Alpuy - Works 1963-1993 1994 Summer

Julio Alpuy - Works 1963-1993

In 1963, in New York City, Alpuy began working with wood in a new way, opening a path to the successful plastic realization of his own world. The wood reliefs and watercolors presented in this exhibition are a testament to Alpuy's investigation of the primordial and his mastery of a very personal expression.

"That sentiment of abstraction that comes to us from Cézanne through the cubists and that, in my case,
I inherited directly from Torres-García, was a profoundly spiritual process that forced those artists to penetrate very deeply to extract the essence of every true work of art. Reality is transposed into a plastic equivalent: an abstraction. The quality of things is replaced by the plastic quality of the colors of the palette. And so, in painting, reality or Nature leave their world and enter the world of creation. In continuing that discipline and going more and more deeply into the problem, the artist creates his own technique. His own way of saying and doing. His own style. And that is the only valid technique."
- Julio Alpuy

Julio Alpuy

b. 1919, Cerro Chato, Uruguay - d. 2009, New York City

Growing up in the Uruguayan countryside with little exposure to art, Alpuy first began drawing at the age of twenty.  Within a year, the young artist met Joaquín Torres-García.  Inspired by the master's theories of universal constructivism, Alpuy joined the Taller Torres- García, and is today recognized as one of the Taller's most important members. 

In 1944, Alpuy contributed two murals as part of the Taller's project to decorate the St. Bois hospital in Uruguay; he would continue to create murals throughout his career.  Encouraged by Torres-García, Alpuy and other Taller members travelled to the Andean region of South America in 1945; this experience, along with other periods of travel during the 1950s in South America, Europe, and the Middle East profoundly affected the themes and structural composition of his art. 

In 1961, Alpuy emigrated to New York, where he remained for the duration of his life.  Alpuy's art has been featured in numerous exhibitions about the Taller Torres-García, as well as in several international one-person exhibitions.  His works are included in major international collections including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas; The Morgan Library and Museum, New York; The Nelson A. Rockefeller Collection, New York; and Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales, Montevideo, Uruguay.


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