Marta Chilindron - Dimensions 1997 Spring

Marta Chilindron - Dimensions

"...Chilindron is clearly interested in the volumetric relations between the components of each piece... the artist's spatial manipulations result in a strikingly poetic, Minimilist version of these commonplace objects... The show's title, "Dimensions," suggested the artist's strong focus on the reciprocity between perspectival renderings and sculpture. The viewer is constantly reminded that the act of seeing is equally retinal and conceptual." - Jonathan Goodman, Art in America, September, 1997

"Chilindron's work... alludes to the frontiers between two-dimensional flatness and three-dimensional spatiality. In this border zone it is not known if the objects are growing out of the plane and building themselves up, or if to the contrary, they move toward the plane, folding in upon themselves and disappearing. ...Chilindron returns flat representation to the world of real objects as a new object, freed from references. She is making concrete what is no more than an abstraction."  - Ana Tiscornia, Perverting the Specific Object, Atlantica Internacional Revista de los Artes, Winter, 1996

Jonathan Goodman Review - Courtesy of Art in America (September, 1997)

Karen S. Chambers Review - Courtesy of The Review (15 April, 1997)

Mónica Amor Review - Courtesy of Art Nexus (25 July - September, 1997)

Marta Chilindron

b. 1951, Buenos Aires, Argentina – lives in New York City since 1969

From her early veristic paintings to her contemporary sculptural installations, Chilindron has always created art which explores perspectival, temporal, and spatial relationships. 

In the 1990s, the artist began experimenting with furniture forms, altering their shapes to reflect her point of view in relation to physical space.  From these works emerged Chilindron's collapsible sculptures, which can be opened and closed to alternate between flat, abstract compositions, and fully three-dimensional forms. 

Since 2000, the artist has worked in transparent and color acrylics, creating manipulable, malleable, and interactional objects that change in both shape and color.  In 2010, Chilindron was invited to create a public installation as part of the Fokus Lodz Biennale in Poland, and her sculptures were featured as a special project at the Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA) in Long Beach, California in 2013.  Her most recent solo exhibition at The Great Hall Exhibitions at New York University's Institute of Fine Arts, featured a variety of her sculptures including Cube 48 Orange and Green Pyramid.  This exhibition focused on the contrasting aesthetic styles of the artist’s minimalist work and the decorated interior to draw forth dialogues on their shared considerations: construction, proportionality, and visitor interaction.

Chilindron's artworks are included in the collections of the Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, TX; El Museo del Barrio, NYC; the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), Miami, FL; Banco do Spiritu Santo, Portugal; the State University of New York (SUNY), Old Westbury, NY; Fonds D’Art Contemporain de Ville de Geneve, Switzerland, as well as numerous international private collections.  

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